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Laminate flooring

Around 42 square meter area (in the living room) on which laminate flooring needs to be placed. Currently the floor is tiled. On top we can put the (already bought Quick Step brand) laminate floor. No subfloor needed. I would like to get this job done on 27th Jan 2018. I am attaching the picture of the current floor (which has floor tiles). Please let me know the rates for this.
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Soortgelijke offerte aanvragen voor laminate flooring uit heel Nederland:

Flooring in the apartment

This is regarding laminate flooring for an approx. 40 square meter apartment. I would like a quote as to how much it would cost me, per square meter, to have the laminate flooring installed. Thanks, you can only reach me by email at the moment. Before the work begins, would it cost anything for you to send someone over to measure the floors and tell me exactly how much the job is going to cost me? Maybe I will choose for carpet, in that case it would be nice if you can give me a price for that option too.

Laminaat in een slaapkamer leggen

Hi,I'd like to ask somebody to lay laminate flooring (7 mm thick) for a bedroom with the following size:17. 5 m2. The laminates and plinths are already bought. I also want someone to remove laminate flooring from a 61 m2 apartment. Preferably, the removed laminate can be used again. I'd like the work to be done within this month (March 2018).

Vloer in nieuw appartement leggen

I'm moving into a new apartment in Diemen. I need to do the flooring of about 55 m2. The apartment currently looks like the picture attached and the floor has heating. I understand I need to put a floor cover and then lay the laminate. How much is the service? When can we start and finish the job? If possible, I would like to do it as soon as possible. Thank you,

Quote request for flooring new house

We have recently purchased a house and need to purchase flooring for the rooms. The bathrooms do not require any flooring, but we would like laminate in the other rooms. Please provide a quote for this service and approximation of m^2 required. Attached is the floor plan for the house. The house is 131 m2 without the bathroom.

Laminaat leggen en tapijt verwijderen

(Sorry, I don't speak Dutch yet) I'd like to place laminate (tussen 3 t/m 15 Juni 2017) in 2 bedrooms (9,17 m2 + 12 m2, total ~ 21,20 m2). Can you please make a calculation for the following: 1. To remove the old floor carpet in these 2 rooms. 2. To place a laminate flooring (laminaat leggen inclusief ondervloer en plinten) in this 2 rooms.

Painting a whole apartment and flooring in a bedroom

I would like to have my apartment of 90 m2 painted. The surface of walls to paint is approximately 150 m2 + 90 m2 of ceiling. I would like to paint it all with one color (white). I would also like to have the floor isolation and installation of a laminate floor in one bedroom (16 m2). This is quite urgent and needs to be all done on the 30th or/and 31st of March 2017. Please call or e-mail me to discuss it as soon as possible. I will receive the key on the 29th of March and I want to move in to the apartment on the 1st of April.

Laminaat leggen en tegelwerk in de badkamer

2 types of work: 1> 70 m2 flooring. Laminate is from Praxis. Er hoeft geen oude vloer verwijderd te worden. We hebben het materiaal al gekocht. 2> 80/90 Douchecabine + floor tiles.

Laminaat met een bolling repareren

Van de gangen naar de woonkamer is het laminaat bol gaan staan op bepaalde plekken. We hebben nog wat laminaat liggen en we willen graag de oorzaak vaststellen en dit permanent oplossen. Het hele appartement is 95 m2. Op de begane grond is de situatie het ergst, dit is ongeveer 50 m2. We have bulges from the corridors to the living room in the laminate flooring in certain spots. We still have some laminate, floor lining and plinths. We want to determine the cause and fix it permanently.

Laminaat op de vloer leggen

We will be buying laminate flooring from Gamma and need a quote for the installation. Approximately 48 square meters (hallway and bedrooms only). Can you give us an idea of cost? We need installation between 17 and 22nd June 2016. MUST BE COMPLETE BY 22 JUNE. Thanks.

New flooring in the house

I would like to know how much it would cost for installing a laminate floor in the living room and bedroom ( approximately 40 m2 in total) Could you please provide me the approximate cost for the flooring : 1. Including material cost (keeping minimum cost for the wooden floor) 2. Excluding Material cost