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Install laminaat

Need to install laminate for a house. Total house size is 100 m2 May also use your advice on how many laminate packages i need to purchase. Attached the house floor plan.
Onze klant uit Nieuwegein (Utrecht) wenst(e) offertes van vloerleggers / parketteurs voor vloer leggen en vloeronderhoud te ontvangen om te weten wat bovenstaande wensen gaan kosten!

Soortgelijke offerte aanvragen voor install laminaat uit heel Nederland:

Totaal renovatie aan een woning

I'd like to do these reparations and renovations: 1 - Part of the roof covering is loose. Repair or replace. 2 - Some windows frames need to be fix or replaced - wood and metal 3 - Remove the old kitchen and the little wall between the kitchen and the living room. (I have already bought a new kitchen and its installation) 4 - Remove the old bathroom in the 1st floor and install a new one (without bathtub). Also to renew the toilet in the ground floor. 5 - Install 60 m2 heating floor and remove the old radiators. Place the floor (laminaat) 6 - Plaster the walls.

Laminaat leggen

I would need to install laminaat and underlay on the floor for my 48m2 apartment. Can you please, let me know prices and your availability? How long will it take to install the laminaat?


I cannot use the other form to get a quote for installation because the room is smaller than allowed. It is approx. 2. 15 square metres (~143cm x ~150cm) and one side faces the carpet, while one other side has a balcony door. I want to know the cost if it is to have underfloor laid and then the laminate, and if we can put only one plakplint across the spot where the carpet starts or if something else needs to go there instead of a plakplint (to cover the space where carpet meets laminate). I also do not really want the plint by the wall, is this viable to skip it? Do I need one for the balcony door area also? In addition, if I provide the tape for the underfloor, will this be all I need to have? I want to verify that all the tools they need to install, they will bring, because I do not have anything like that - I will only have tape, underfloor, laminate and the plakplint(en) unless something else is indicated.

Herstelwerk aan laminaatvloer

Hi, Sorry my Dutch is not that good, I have a house and I need to do some corrections on the laminaat in the corners (some parts are low or making a sound), This makes some gaps between the plinten (wide plinten) and the floor in some parts of the house. I also like to correct the plinten installation in some areas of the house, also install plinten in some areas where there are none, It is not a big Job but I want to have it done very professionally. I have not measured the exact square metres yet. Thank you for your time.

Laminaatvloer en ondervloer plaatsen

I would like to install laminaat en ondervloer to my apartment. It is 48 m2. You can check the attachment to see how it looks like so you can include the corners in the calculation. How much it will cost more or less? Jjust a rough estimation.

Vloer leggen / Install floor

Dear, I am looking for someone to install a laminaat/parket in a room (size of the room ~16 m2). See plan of the room and picture of it attached. The current carpet floor will need to be removed by you as well. The installation needs to take place on monday 19th of September at the latest. On th 15th the laminaat will be delivered.

Installing a new floor

Hi, Can you tell me how much it would cost to install the floor (including material) in an apartment around 100 m2? Is a shell apartment, concrete on the floor, located in Elst. I was hoping for an economic flooring, laminate. Is it more expensive to put carpet? I would appreciate your quick reply. Ivonne Graag ontvang ik een offerte voor het leveren en plaatsen van een ondervloer, laminaat en plakplinten. De oppervlakte van het appartement is 100 m2.

Quick-Step laminaat laten leggen

I would like to ask some help to install laminaat for 2 sleeping rooms in 1st verdieping of my house (3.7 m x 4.2 m, and 3.7 x 2.8 m). We are thinking to use between: - Quick-Step laminaat Illustra grijs eiken; Or - Quick-Step laminaat Preciosa donkergrijs 1m². Still undecided between wanting v-groef or not with our allergic/schilferrig son). What is your recommended ondervloer for this? What price do you offer to have these laminaat and ondervloer installed in these two rooms (also helping to move the meubels)? How long does it take?

Install new floor

I need an offer to remove damaged laminaat and install new laminaat, including the underfloor, and plackplins for two different houses in Huissen. In your website I get the offer to install the laminaat, underfloor and plackplins, but it doesn't give the possibility for floor removal. The first house that I need the offer for, has 14 m2 (1 room) and the second house has 30 m2 (3 rooms). Both are in Huissen. The material I buy straight in Karwei. I hope to hear from you soon or from your technician in the area.