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Window glass and frames installation

I have 2 windows (single glass, and window frame rotted), want to change to double class and new frame. I do not have materials for this. The window is like 2 by 1 metres.
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Change single glass to double glass windows

I need a HR++ double glaze window, two windows. Window one:- 3.15*1.75(without frame), 3.24*1.86(with frame). Window two:- 1.87*1.75(without frame), 1.95*186(with frame). All dimensions are in meters. I want quotation including the labour and cost of the glass and cost of the frame also if needed.

Ruit tijdens een verhuizing tijdelijk verwijderen

We have a new hoekbank that has to be brought in thought the window. So need a temporary remove of glass from the frames of window and replace it again after the sofa is brought inside. It is the livingroom window.

Extensie bouwen aan huis

I want to extend the house. It is an extension in front of the living room. There is already a big glass window in front, I understood it can be extended to front garden. I would like to understand the cost and duration needed to complete. The dimensions are 1,8 bij 6 metres.

HR++ isolatieglas vervangen

I need to replace 5 windows with double glass and build a new wooden frame for one of them. The windows are all at the first floor. Size of the windows: - 4 windows 80cm(length) x 37cm(height) - 1 window 80cm(length) x 211cm(height) <- needs a new frame The second one is currently made of three different glasses and has a triangular top, which needs to be closed with some wood so we can install a single normal rectangular window, see pictures.

Dubbel glas laten vervangen

Hi, I would like to replace the double glass in a fixed window size of 132X87 cm Would you please let me know how much does it cost? Graag wil ik mijn dubbel glas laten vervangen. Het kozijn is 132 bij 87 cm.

Enkel door dubbelglas vervangen

We recently bought a house and we are interested in: Replace single glass with HR++ at bedroom : 0. 98x0. 97 and 0. 98x0. 15 (option with replacing the whole window frame with plastic frame and HR++: 1. 2x1. 6) Replace single glass with HR++ at bathroom : 0. 98x0. 1 and 0. 4x0. 2 (option with replacing the whole window frame with plastic frame and HR++: 1. 6x0. 3) Replace back door: 0. 9x2. 1 , plastic frame and HR++ Wij hebben een nieuw huis gekocht en zijn geïnteresseerd in het plaatsen van nieuwe beglazing.

Plisse gordijnen ophangen

(Ik kan een beetje Nederlands spreken, maar Engels is makkelijker voor mij). I would like to install some "plissegordijnen top down, bottom up" in my living room. There are three windows in total: one big bay window (with three pieces of glass) and two smaller windows. Is it possible for someone to fit these plissegordijnen for me? I have the measurements of the windows and can send these to you, or do you need to come and get the measurements yourselves? Can you tell me how much this service would cost please Het betreft het inmeten en monteren van 5 plissegordijnen. De ramen zijn 267 meter breed en 1.65 meter lang. Hiernaast zijn 2 ramen van 55 cm breed en 1.65 meter lang. Verder zijn er nog 2 ramen van 1.64 meter hoog en 65 cm breed.

Vervanging van kozijnen en ramen

Good morning, first of all I apologize but I do not speak Dutch, so I will try to explain in English. I need to replace the windows in my flat, Groningen. The windows are in total 4 (four). Of these, 3 have two opening doors and a flap at the top (studio cm140x165 h, room 1 cm132x172 h, room 2 cm142x172 h); the fourth is a bay window composed by three sides: the great central window is closed (cm160x165 h) while the left and the right sides have a single opening door and a small window flap at the top (cm72x165 h x2). I would like to completely replace the current frames with white aluminum frames (or other suitable material) and thermal glasses ( to avoid condensation and prevent heat loss) with high resistance to burglary. The apartment is on the first floor: two windows (room 1 and 2)are accessible from the terrace while the other two (bay window and studio window) probably require specific tools from the outside. I have no idea of the time needed to carry out the replacement work, so now as my daughter lives in, I think we will have to postpone the work in the spring season. Moreover, as some have glass decorations original period (bay window and studio window) I wonder whether it is possible to recover them and incorporating in the new chassis. In addition there is also a door with a flap at the top (kitchen cm107x260 h), which allows to leave the kitchen on the terrace, which currently does not need to be replaced but that I could replace in order to standardize the work, in the case where the price will be particularly good. In this regard, I ask you to give me different estimates, based on different materials and different types of glass, so that I can decide according to my budget. If you need a survey to better understand the situation we can easily agree on a date. Attaching to this mail photos and size of the windows to better understand the situation. Thanks for the quote you will give me by email. Best regards.

Installation of a catdoor in double glass

I would like to put a cat door in the window with double glass

Crack in the window

I have a long crack in the glass of my French door. (glass of the window: 126cm x37 cm)