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Front & Back garden bestraten

Back & Front Garden - Remove roots, Level Ground and place the paving. Back garden (65 sqm approx) Front (15 sqm Approx).
Onze klant uit Almere (Flevoland) wenst(e) offertes van stratenmakers voor terras en (sier)bestrating te ontvangen om te weten wat bovenstaande wensen gaan kosten!

Soortgelijke offerte aanvragen voor front & back garden bestraten uit heel Nederland:

House renovation

Hi, I am sorry, but I don't speak Dutch. I hope English is ok. I have started the paperwork to buy a house in Almere, and there are some changes I want to make (replace bathrooms, paint the whole house inside, remove 2 heaters, replace stones in the back and front). Is it possible to get an offer? Details for bathroom: - Measurement: 2.13 x 2.13 metres - Replace the shower in the bathroom for a bath tub - Replace the tiles - Replace the toilet (boven en beneden etage afm eting: 1 x 1.2 metres) - Move the washing machine plumbing from the bathroom somewhere else on the same floor (I was thinking to have a small room for it) - The heater is in the way of the bath tub, so it has to be replaced with a wall heater and moved from it's current position Painting the inside walls, ceiling (2.60 high), and doors (covered with a plastified coating). One wall, now still with wallpaper needs to be plastered. Ground floor: - iving 3.5 x 4.8 metres - kitchen 3.4 x 2.70 metres First floor: - room 2.40 x 3.30 m - room 3.50 x 2.20 m - room 2.50 x 4.60 m If needed I can provide plans with the floors (current state and desired state)

Renovation of the garden

I would like an offer to renovate my front and back gardens. The work include putting new tiles, fence and kapwoning

Hekwerk en schutting van gaas met stenen erin vervangen

We would like to change our current fences into wooden ones (or add wooden ones with them). We want to have a fence along the front side and the right side. Only these two sides. In total 11.9 meters. 1.06 neter door needs to be used again. We would like to leave the garden door as it is now. We are not sure if we can or should keep the current metal wire that is along the street. Maybe you can advice us on that. We would like to hear your opinion on this and also your offer. I attached a drawing on the back yard, with the size of the walls and a photo of it. Thank you very much! Hekwerk en schutting van gaas met stenen erin vervangen door houten schutting. In totaal is het 11.9 meter.

Renovatie van de tuin

We have a project of renovating our garden front and back in Amstelveen. We would like a low maintenance and very young kids friendly garden. Also we would like to put 3 bikes rack cemented 1 in front and 2 in back garden. The back garden is 40sqm. We wan't get rid of the grass and the plants in the middle of the garden, and replace it with stones. The plants on the left and the right need to be replaced with maintenance free plants. The ground is very wet. We At the back there is a door this needs to be replaced. In the front garden we wan't a small gate. A litthe square of ground plants needs to replaced with the bikerack.

New house landscaping

It is about a landscaping for a new house in Eijsden. Front house: driveway of 7,10 by 5 meter with small size stones with concrete border / also small front garden with natural grass field and taxus baccata fence at the street. Back garden: The garden is 9 x 7 meter. We'd like: terrace of 3 x 9 meter with large natural stones, grass. The back garden is accessible through the garage.

Tegels leggen in voor- en achtertuin

I would like to have my old garden to be completely removed at the front and back and new tiles to be placed instead. The garden is 90 m2.

Bestrating en vlonder aanbrengen

We need to do tiling in the front and back of our house. No tiles at this moment. Thus would be great if you check and let us know if you can do it. Bij Gamma Overvecht in Utrecht bestel ik de tegels. 60 x 60 cm achter, voor iets kleinere tegels.

Balkonrenovatie: balkon repareren

I am sorry for English, I do not speak Dutch good. Our balconies at the back of our houses have wood rot on the structure. The wood beam attached to the house, the wood beam at the front of the balcony and some of the vertical support beams have rot but not all of them. The rot is on 5 of the 6 balconies for our houses. The balconies are each approximately 5,3m long by 1,5m deep. The floors are OK, and only 3 years old. Would you be able to take a look and make an estimate? Thank you

Painting the gutters

Need to repaint/fix the house gutters. Note that last time it was done in 2010 but after few months the paint was already coming away (the job was not done correctly). We want the job well done. To be painted: - ground floor, gutter of front window, 2.50m - first floor, gutter at bottom of roof both front and back, 4.65+4.65m= 9.30m - attic, gutter of front dakkapel, 1.1m - kitchen uitbouw at ground floor, 5.5m + 2m - Maybe repair the wood of the gutters.

Front and back garden

I would like to renovate my front and back garden. Size of front garden is 4 x 12 meter and back garden is 4 x 3 meter. I have a design, tiles, a few plants, no shed. Right and left are plants, the rest is already tiled. I want to use new tiles. I buy them. English speaker preferred.