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Replace and repair a gasheater

I want to replace and repair a gasheater.
Onze klant uit Amsterdam (Noord-Holland) wenst(e) offertes van loodgieters / installateurs voor installatie- en leidingwerk te ontvangen om te weten wat bovenstaande wensen gaan kosten!

Soortgelijke offerte aanvragen voor replace and repair a gasheater uit heel Nederland:

Blokhut repareren of vervangen

Hello, a few wood pieces of my blokhut is rotten, which causes a few other wood pieces detached from each other. I am looking for either repair it or replace it. For this I will need some expert opinion on it.

Replace roof tiles

We would like to repair damage/water leaking on our roof and add insulation.

Façade renoveren

I'd like to get to know an approximate price per line: 1. Repair cracks underside of the concrete canopy (as far as I know it requires removal of the corrupted layer of concrete first) 2. Fix chimney (clean & fix joints) 3. Replace some bricks (~10 bricks) in the wall 4. Repair excavated joints 5. Clean a wall (sandblasting or steam) - optional 6. Replace parts of brickwall around a window - optional 7. Replace a whole wall (facing side) - optional 8. Install insulation into a wall (cavity insulation) - optional The property is a standard intermediate house.

Appartement opknappen

Dear Praxis Klusservice team, Sorry but I don't speak English but I need some help in my Amsterdam flat before it goes on sale in 2 weeks. I need help on Tuesday 1st August and Wednesday 2nd August to do the following in my flat in Amsterdam: • Replace 2 toilets (main job) • Clean the mould around the bath • Repair / fix the filler around the bath • Fix banister leading up the stairs • Paint the banisters and internal stairs – only 10 steps • Clean roof terrace with jet hose (and protect downstairs balcony with plastic sheets) • Push floorboards to close the small gaps in them I can send some pictures when you reply back with more information. As I live in London and will only be arriving in Amsterdam in 2 weeks, the work can only start on Tuesday 1st August when the current people living there move out. I really hope you can help me. Regards.

Reparatie van schuifdeuren

(apologies for the text in English, but it's much better than my Dutch for now... ) I have an in-wall closet with three sliding doors that need repair (only the doors, not the closet). They are similar to the ones in the pictures attached. The doors also have a mirror and are all in general good condition, except for the frames and sliding wheels. My objective is to replace the wheels as needed, repair the door frames and align the closed doors, but not necessarily replace the doors. In the end, I don't believe it justifies new doors, the exisiting ones are good and perfectly reusable. This would be done in Oegstgeest. Would this be possible, as a service you could provide? Thank you, regards

Lekkage aan de dak(kapel) verhelpen

Wij hebben een kleine lekkage aan ons dak of dakkapel. Misschien dat de loodslab vervangen of gerepareerd moet worden. Ik laat graag iemand de situatie beoordelen en repareren. We have a small leak in our roof (wooden dormer). Maybe replace the lead flashing or needs repair. I like someone to assess the situation and repair.

Uiteenlopende klusjes in huis

3 different jobs: 1. I want to remove wallpapers from all walls, repair any visible cracks and paint the walls. 2. Replace all electrical switches and sockets, possibly create a few new sockets. 3. Switch the hinges of 1 door from left to right.

Repair the outdoor fence

My fence collapsed with the wind so I need to replace two parts of that.

Renovation of a small study room

It's an empty study room with the size about 200cm x 300cm, the work needs to be done includes, - repaint walls, one wall needs to be repair/prepared because it's not smooth - repaint ceiling - replace laminate with hardwood floor (parket), and eventually installing baseboard - remove a basin and if possible the pipes Please check the attached pictures for more information.


ENGELS SPREKENDE MENSEN: 1) Remove large fireplace and insert support/lintel for ceiling. Plaster and repair wall. 2) Replace lounge/diningroom ceiling and insert isolation. Install new electrical fittings. 3) Change large doorway into an arch. 4) Raise ceiling in corridor and insert isolation. Install new electrical fitting.