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Kitchen renovation

I have started in February an order process for an Ikea Kitchen, making the original plan and contacting their preferred partner to have it installed. I have had the visit for a quote beginning of March, but unfortunately with the Covid-19 crisis the project have been on pause since then. Still, depending on your company situation / current rules regarding the pandemic, I would like to know if getting a quote is possible with potentially a meeting mid May/June. The main points of the kitchen renovation are the following: - Removal of the current kitchen - Refurbishment of the room (removing tiles, replacing by normal plaster boards to paint, same for ceiling, cover floor) - Installation of an Ikea kitchen (main appliance are staying as it is, only dishwasher has to be connected as not existing yet) Thanks in advance.
Onze klant uit Haarlem (Noord-Holland) wenst(e) offertes van keukenspecialisten voor keukenmontage en - renovatie te ontvangen om te weten wat bovenstaande wensen gaan kosten!

Soortgelijke offerte aanvragen voor kitchen renovation uit heel Nederland:

Corner House Extension/ Renovation: bathroom, floor heating, paint and plaster

1. Extension for a corner house to Back and Side (3 m Depth each x 6 m Length) I just finished the drawings with my architect, I have the key of the house and I want to start as soon as possible. In my drawings and plan I have 2 phases: 1st: Extansion of the back and the side of the house. I checkt it with the architect and I dont'need a permit for this phase. But I have also a plan for the 2nd phase,: that's a extension for the 1st floor, this needs to be done with a permit. I can run for a pre-permit. If I can do phase 1 and 2 together (depends on the price) I will do both at once. A foundation is needed, but i don't really know what kind of foundation. I want to use bricks for the expansion. I seek for someone who can do also floorheating, and also a bathroom. Tiles floor must be done together with the dimension. Becasue of the extansion I will move the kitchen from the front to the extansion. So I think I want a complete delivery. 2. Floor heating on ground floor + Floor installation I want the most commone one of floor heating, so the floor heating must put into the concrete together with the watertube. Mainly I want floor heating on the ground floor, so after the extension it will about 80 / 85 m2. Maybe I want it to on the first floor. 3. Renovation of Bathroom + Toilet on the first floor I want to install a shower and hot tub and washing machine and toilet. Floor and wall tiles. Maybe I will buy all the materials myself, I only need the laber cost to install everything. I want to have the bathroom emptied by the professional. The bathroom is around 5.7 m2. Besides I want the small toilet on the groudnfloor to be renovated. I want a new toilet and sink, also newe tiles. It's about 1.1 m2, it is areally typical toilet. 4. New plaster and paint of the house. It's about (before extension) 109 m2. it includes the ground-, first- and second floor. I want to start begin or middle of april.

Kitchen, living room, dining room renovation

To whom it may concern, I want to make a small renovation in my apartment. I want to move the existing kitchen inside the living room and create a new bedroom in the room that it used to be. For this a dry wall needs to be placed also placing a new door removing the old tiles and placing some new ones (Height 240 cm). For the kitchen I was thinking if we can use the existing cabinents and just making a new counter top and front cupboards. Some of the plamming gas and electricity has to be extended obviously. Like the fire alarm and the air extraction on top of the kitchen. Looking forward to receiving your reply.

Renovatie van de onderste verdieping

Wij zijn opzoek naar een aannemer om onze plannen mee te bespreken en uit te laten voeren. Het gaat om een betonnen vloer waar een deel van 20m2 een houten vloer is, dit willen wij laten egaliseren en 1 gehele betonnen vloer laten maken. Daarnaast gaan wij een nieuwe keuken laten plaatsen, hier moeten alle leidingen en elektriciteit. Daarnaast willen wij een nieuwe trap en nieuwe radiatoren. I am interested to discuss our house renovation with you. Our plans include floor renovation (20m2 of our ground floor are old wooden floor, we would like to change that to beton), complete preparation for new kitchen, new electric line for dishwasher, new stair, laminate floor plasement and some plumbing changes (for the radiators). Please let me know if all these works are possible to arrange with you and if we can make an appointment to discuss the details regarding costs.

Kitchen renovation - electrics and groepenkast upgrade (more groups and 3-phase)

Add 3-4 new groups for new kitchen including oven, microwave, induction hub, power points, dishwasher, under-bench boiler. Upgrading to 3 x 25a supply so new groepenkast needed to expand current, split some existing groups and add new kitchen groups.

Renovation works

Please find a brief description of the renovation works we are looking to carry out. The main focus areas would be the bathroom, kitchen and part of the living room area. For the bathroom, we need to re-seal the shower area. The current sealant is very poor. We also need to install a ventilation system to remove the moisture in the bathroom. Additionally, we want to install a rain shower head in the current shower area, as well as having a small glass pane installed to contain water splash from the shower. We also want to install a new toilet bowl in the bathroom. As for the kitchen, we want to remove and replace the current kitchen and also take down the wall dividing the kitchen and dining room. We also want to take down part of the wall dividing the living room and a spare bedroom. toiletbowl and ventilation There are also a couple of doors we want to remove and re-install in a different part of the apartment. Finally, we need to replace the current staircase leading up to the roof terrace.

Renovation of the house

1) Full bathroom upgrade - tub, shower, toilet, washbasin, tiles, lighting. The bathroom is 5 m2. 1 wall is missing, need to build it so the bathroom becomes 50 cm larger. 2) smooth walls and repaint. 140 square meter 3) Lay floor laminates + under floor. Electric floor heating only for 1 room. 4) Ground floor toilet re-tiling. 5) repaint stairs - 32 steps 6) replace all radiators in the house 7) replace kitchen ventilation and stove.

Apartment renovation

I am writing to request a quote from you for a renovation in this apartment starting in the beginning of May. These are the works that I would like to have done in the apartment and the attic. I send you a picture attached so that you can see how I would like to change the layout of the apartment. APARTMENT: 1. New wooden floor everywhere (except bathroom) 2. Painting of all walls, ceiling, doors, wooden frames around windows (behind the kitchen I would like waterproof washable paint). White colour almost everywhere, except for a few smaller walls, where one other colour would be used. 2.b: Also: rozette and molding above the living and bedroom areas (currently kitchen and living areas) 3. Kitchen - I would choose everything from IKEA, and I need it to be delivered and put together. 4. Radiator removed from the wall where the kitchen will be, and put on the opposite side, between the front door and bathroom door 5. Water pipe put on the place of the new kitchen (it is easy to do from the bathroom I think) 6. Stuffing wholes one the corners of the current kitchen area - soon to be living area AND covering those things with cupboards 7. Total redo of bathroom: tiles on the floor and on some parts of the walls, new toilet, new sink, shower, taps. 8. Loft style sliding door between bedroom and home office (according to new layout) 9. Building a little piece of wall (70-80 cm wide) and putting a big 2-3 wing loft style door (around 160 cm wide) between the bedroom and kitchen (according to new layout) ATTIC: 1. painting (also removing old plaster layer first) - white everywhere 2. laminated floor + base layer under it 3. one electric heater, old broken radiator removed 4. mini kitchen totally redone - IKEA too 5. bathroom total redo: tiles on the floor and on some parts of the walls, new toilet, new sink, shower, taps, door 6. potentially replacing the neighbour's door to a nicer one - if they agree

Small scale renovation

We are looking for renovation work for a house for which the delivery is on 16th November. We want to do below things. 1. Renovation of bathroom and toilet 2. Renovation of Kitchen 3. New dormer window and flooring on attic 4. New CV kettle installation.

Kitchen renovation

Ik zoek een stukadoor die een wand van 6 m2 kan stuken. Daarnaast dient de wand geschilderd te worden. Het werk moet plaatsvinden op de begane grond.

Light renovation

Dear contractor, We're moving to a new house and we're changing the kitchen. On top of that we need a couple of things changed around the house. Here's an approximate list: 1. Removing a non-beaeing wall 2. Moving a water line 2 m to the right along the wall for the sink. 3. Removing the radiator 4. ? nstalling a new vertical radiator. 5. Eventually fixing some tiles on the floor. 6. Putting tiles line around the kitchen counter. 7. Putting wallpaper on 3 walls on the first floor. The works are to be done in October. Let me know what can be done.