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Build kitchen cabinetry & island bench

We are looking for a carpenter to build our kitchen, and if this goes well, several other in-built cupboards. We will provide the design, we are just looking for build and install. For the kitchen, we will have our own kitchen top supplied, as well as appliances. What we are looking for is a quality carpenter who can build and install the island and cupboards. We are looking to use a painted wood, as well as an exposed for the island bench.
Onze klant uit Amsterdam (Noord-Holland) wenst(e) offertes van keukenspecialisten voor keukenmontage en - renovatie te ontvangen om te weten wat bovenstaande wensen gaan kosten!

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Gipsmuur plaatsen

Ik wil een pleister/gipsmuur laten bouwen in mijn woning om de keuken af te scheiden. Het zou gaan om een L vorm wandje, ongeveer 2,40 bij 1,60 bij 2,55. Graag zie ik de offerte inclusief materiaal. Het liefst een partij die op korte termijn aan de slag kan. I want to build a wall in the living room in my rented house to separate the kitchen, the wall will be like L letter. it is around 2,40cm the 1st side, and 1,60cm the 2nd one. the height is 2.55cm. and also if i want to finish it with the plaster(rotband). how much it will cost me?

Renovation of the house

1) Full bathroom upgrade - tub, shower, toilet, washbasin, tiles, lighting. The bathroom is 5 m2. 1 wall is missing, need to build it so the bathroom becomes 50 cm larger. 2) smooth walls and repaint. 140 square meter 3) Lay floor laminates + under floor. Electric floor heating only for 1 room. 4) Ground floor toilet re-tiling. 5) repaint stairs - 32 steps 6) replace all radiators in the house 7) replace kitchen ventilation and stove.

Renovate a small studio

Hello! I would like to renovate my small studio apartment (34 m2) which was once an office but now I want to renovate it into a residential studio. I heard some good reviews for your company and I would like to schedule a viewing and to have a quote of the cost involved. I would like to take down two walls and build a new bathroom and kitchen. The wall and floor will need to be redone as well. Can I make an appointment with you in the coming days?

Uitbouw van de achterzijde

We need someone to build an extensions with following jobs: 1. Breaking down the wall between the kitchen and living room 2. Placement of an extension towards the garden, living room and kitchen roughly 6 x 2,3 meter. Exterior finish (sewage system/pipes to into ground) Material: bricks matching current house color. Double glazed patio doors (sliding ones or normal - see attached pictures). Following jobs are not needed. Inside finish such as floor/electricity/paint.

Kitchen cupboards and installation of oven

Requests: Install new oven, cooktop and overhead fan in kitchen. Build and install new kitchen bench and 2-3 new kitchen cupboards. Repair fold out attic ladder.

House renewal

We're expats living in The Netherlands, unfortunately we don't speak dutch. We recently purchased a house in Almere (), we'll get the house keys in the end of August, starting date should be early september. We would like to quote the following, with the price per item, this way we can choose what we can afford and what we can't. Below is the full list. Entrance Hall (~7m2) Remove wooden floor with care, it will be used in the kitchen Fix carpet and wood where you can go under the house to be easier to open and access Install ceramic floor (60x60cm) Pass cable (there’s no thermostat on the house today) and Install google nest thermostat on the living room to control stadsverwarming (probably an electric valve will be needed) Install skirtings Toilet (~3m2) Demolish old bathroom Install ceramic floor (60x60cm same as entrance hall) Install skirtings Install new wall vase Install new sink Kitchen Demolish old kitchen Demolish small wall (~80cm width) between kitchen and living room Relocate pipes to accommodate the new kitchen layout Create power outlets (4 on left wall, 2 below the window above the island, 2 on the right wall) Connect pipes and install kitchen appliances (refrigerator, freezer, stove, extractor hood, combi oven, dishwasher, island sink) Complete floor with the ones removed from entrance Sand, polish, apply varnish (oil, glaze) to the wooden floor (on the whole ground floor), around 30 m2 Stairs Fix fissures Replace carpet Bathroom (~7m2) Demolish old bathroom (bathtube will be reused) Install new wall vase Install bathtube (the old one) and new tap Install new shower tap Install double sink or one big with two taps, that can support weight Build a wall between vase and shower cabin Install ceramic floor / tiles (60x60cm tiles) Master bedroom Build closet drywall (~2. 50m) and plaster one side Create/wire 4 new power outlets Other 2 bedrooms on first floor Create/wire 4 new power outlets on eac

Uitbouw plaatsen en woning opnieuw indelen

We would like to build an extension of 35 m2 on a 3rd and 4th floor. The project includes the relocation of the kitchen, roof terrace and stairs. The designs are almost ready and the permit request is about to be submitted to the Gemeente (permit expected for february). Please advise what details you need to produce and offer and wether you wish to visit the place for a better understanding of the project. I'm not sure on what kind of materials I want to be used, so either wood or prefab or maybe by masonry.

Achterzijde huis uitbouwen

How much does it cost roughly to build extension to the back of the living room? 4x3m. Plastic double door (double glass) at the back, brick/wood construction depending on cost difference. Kitchen wall/door can remain to save cost. Same/similar laminate floor. Assuming we don't need extra verwarming. And maybe 1-2 electric outlets.

Kleine studio renoveren

I'd like to renovate my small apartment since 14th of may 2017. And with three main jobs. 1. Badkamer, 2. Kitchen, 3. Build a mezzanine in living room as the sleeping space. Due to the limited budget, please list your price on each part seperately, and the price for the whole package. The materials of the kitchen, like cabinets, sink, tap, kitchen ventilator(which needs to connect outside), inductie kookplaat, which are all bought by myself. The kitchen is 1.20 m2 (2 meter length and 0.60 width), and the old cabinet need to be removed. The badkamer is 2.84 m2 (1.71 meter length and 1.66 meter width). The new toilet and sink and the doucher would be bought by myself. Please list the price: Renovate badkamer with all tegels replacement and utility replacement, and the price for toliet and sink, doucher changes only(without tegels replacement). The height to the ceiling of the apt is 2.60 meter, so what do you think to build the mezzanine in living room as the sleeping space as a professional. Is it wise to build one for save space? And what height should be? Please also list the price, and the material to build the mezzanine should incl. Your price (cause i dont what materials to buy, knowledge from your field!). Cause the limited time and budget, please contact me if you really have interest in this small renovation project. Thank you so much!

Renovatie en uitbreiding van een villa

We are an architecture office in Delft. Currently, we are working on a project to rebuild and expand a villa in Rotterdam. We are looking for a quality contractor to cooperate with us. The following is an overview of this project: For area and volume: -The while project includes interior renovation of existing building area of 248 m2 (V=680 m3). -Ground floor extension and interior area of 56 m2 (V=144 m3); -Second floor extension. There are two options of extension: option1: extension area of 28m2 (V=68. 8m3) option2: extension area of 7m2(V=17. 22m3). -For material: -Ground Floor(0F): - self-leveling concrete floor + floor heating: S1=156m2 (80m2 already has floor heating) - kitchen(Chinese inclosed kitchen in extension part + open kitchen) with marble walls. Build- in furniture use brands such as Semantic. Part of the electrical equipments from the old kitchen, need new build-in fridge. - New teahouse in extension part with a wooden interior and Tatami, area St=8,4m2 - living room need to painted interior walls with light grey colour - new ceiling of living room SC0=42. 5m2 First Floor(1F): - new wood floor: S1=90m2 - marble bathroom S1B=9. 2m2, may keep the existing tub and toilets - painted interior walls with light grey colour, area around SW1=200m2 - ceiling of main bed room SC1=11m2 Second Floor(2F) Option A: - new wood floor: S2-a=76m2 - marble bathroom S2B=8. 6m2 - painted interior walls with light grey colour, area around SW2-a=130m2 - ceiling of main bed room SC2=12m2 Second Floor(2F) Option B: - new wood floor: S2-b=55m2 - marble bathroom S2B=8. 6m2 - painted interior walls with light grey colour, area around SW2-b=100m2 - ceiling of main bed room SC2=12m2