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Eerder aangevraagde offertes bij keukenspecialisten voor replacement of a kitchen countertop:

Replacement of a kitchen countertop

We bought a kitchen countertop in the praxis store, but we need to have an exact cut out for the sink to fit in. Also we would like some help to install the new countertop. I would like to know if that's possible as one of praxis'services and how much that would cost me. Wij hebben een aanrechtblad van 200 bij 60 cm aangeschaft. Deze dient te worden gemonteerd en de gootsteen moet worden geplaatst.
Onze klant uit Eindhoven (Noord-Brabant) wenst(e) offertes van keukenspecialisten voor keukenmontage en - renovatie te ontvangen om te weten wat bovenstaande wensen gaan kosten!

Soortgelijke offerte aanvragen voor replacement of a kitchen countertop uit heel Nederland:

Request for quote: new windows

We would like to receive a quote for replacement of windows at one of the properties that we manage. Request for quote: Replacement of existing windows with double glazed windows. Windows to be replaced are the ones facing the entrance of the building, 3 in total - the living room, the master bedroom and the kitchen. The frames should look the same as the existing frames. Permission to change windows has been received from the Gemeente and VvE. Please let me know what further information you require in order to make a quote. If you would like to visit the property to measure etc. Please give me a call to arrange an appointment for this.

Nieuwe kozijnen monteren

Ik wil graag een aantal klussen uitgevoerd hebben in de woning: — Replacement of double balcony door (new frame, double glazing, wood, keeping in old style of the house) — Replacement of single balcony door (new frame, double glazing, wood) — Replacement of kitchen window (double glazing)

Kleine studio renoveren

I'd like to renovate my small apartment since 14th of may 2017. And with three main jobs. 1. Badkamer, 2. Kitchen, 3. Build a mezzanine in living room as the sleeping space. Due to the limited budget, please list your price on each part seperately, and the price for the whole package. The materials of the kitchen, like cabinets, sink, tap, kitchen ventilator(which needs to connect outside), inductie kookplaat, which are all bought by myself. The kitchen is 1.20 m2 (2 meter length and 0.60 width), and the old cabinet need to be removed. The badkamer is 2.84 m2 (1.71 meter length and 1.66 meter width). The new toilet and sink and the doucher would be bought by myself. Please list the price: Renovate badkamer with all tegels replacement and utility replacement, and the price for toliet and sink, doucher changes only(without tegels replacement). The height to the ceiling of the apt is 2.60 meter, so what do you think to build the mezzanine in living room as the sleeping space as a professional. Is it wise to build one for save space? And what height should be? Please also list the price, and the material to build the mezzanine should incl. Your price (cause i dont what materials to buy, knowledge from your field!). Cause the limited time and budget, please contact me if you really have interest in this small renovation project. Thank you so much!

Vervanging van kozijnen en ramen

Good morning, first of all I apologize but I do not speak Dutch, so I will try to explain in English. I need to replace the windows in my flat, Groningen. The windows are in total 4 (four). Of these, 3 have two opening doors and a flap at the top (studio cm140x165 h, room 1 cm132x172 h, room 2 cm142x172 h); the fourth is a bay window composed by three sides: the great central window is closed (cm160x165 h) while the left and the right sides have a single opening door and a small window flap at the top (cm72x165 h x2). I would like to completely replace the current frames with white aluminum frames (or other suitable material) and thermal glasses ( to avoid condensation and prevent heat loss) with high resistance to burglary. The apartment is on the first floor: two windows (room 1 and 2)are accessible from the terrace while the other two (bay window and studio window) probably require specific tools from the outside. I have no idea of the time needed to carry out the replacement work, so now as my daughter lives in, I think we will have to postpone the work in the spring season. Moreover, as some have glass decorations original period (bay window and studio window) I wonder whether it is possible to recover them and incorporating in the new chassis. In addition there is also a door with a flap at the top (kitchen cm107x260 h), which allows to leave the kitchen on the terrace, which currently does not need to be replaced but that I could replace in order to standardize the work, in the case where the price will be particularly good. In this regard, I ask you to give me different estimates, based on different materials and different types of glass, so that I can decide according to my budget. If you need a survey to better understand the situation we can easily agree on a date. Attaching to this mail photos and size of the windows to better understand the situation. Thanks for the quote you will give me by email. Best regards.

Plumbing inside the house

The supply of water coming inside the house can be switched off using the taps. These taps are very old and need replacement. The tap for warm water does not function and hence if someone need to stop the water in the kitchen (for example) that cannot be done. This is needed in case water supply in the kitchen need to be stopped for some reason. These two taps are indicated in the picture. I have bought the new ones and need replacement.

Electricity: New consumer unit ...

Electricity: New consumer unit (groepenkast), rewiring of property. Earth (Aardlekschakelaar). Water: Replacement standpipe. Updating of water system, water meter installation, stop valve. Installation of water and waste for bathroom / toilet. Preparation and relocation of pipework through walls which are to be removed. Relocation of water and waste to new kitchen location. Gas: Replacement of lead gas pipe from gas meter. Removal of old gas pipe in existing kitchen. New pipe to new kitchen location. Heating: Relocation of heating pipes under floor. Installation of radiator in bathroom. Relocation of one or two radiators. Building work: Relocation of 2 internal walls. Removal of 1 internal wall. Relocation of door.


ENGELS SPREKENDE MENSEN: *Kitchen extension: some cabnit work and instalation of new 'island' with cook top, sink, ventelation. *Bathroom needs demolition and re-surfacing (will re-install existing fixtures) *2nd floor needs a 'gang' or 'hall' constructed - meaning dry-wall, doors, and some storage *Outside terrace - wood decking with structural support of an area approximately 16 sq. meters - this may include the replacement of a window wall with two doors. *Miscellaneous drywall and carpentry work on small partially completed areas

Renovation of momumentpand on the ...

Renovation of momumentpand on the Brouwersgracht, 110m2. Electrical, radiator replacement, new kitchen, new full bath, new half bath, floor & ceiling work, installation of 2-4 sunlights. Work to begin June 27.