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Installing new double glass plastic windows for attic

I need to install new double glass plastic windows in my house attic. De maten van de ramen zijn 265 x 80 cm. Graag een offerte.
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Toiletruimte renoveren

I need a proffessional to renovate my small toilet space. Size is ca 0.92 m x 1.23 cm (height 2.4) Toilet is from 1993, when the apartment was built. Toilet now has floor tiles and wall tiles that needs to be taken off, in addition to installing new toilet and a sink. I would like to replace the floor tiles and for the wall tiles I want them to reach about 1,2 m height, then paint till the ceiling. Tiles, toilet (hanging if possible in this small toilet= and sink needs to be bought, preferably by the plumber

Garden renovation

We would like to renovate the garden. Taking the old tiles off, leveling the ground, and putting fake grass and some tiles for the patio area. Installing the border and probably a new fence. Total area 41 m² (7. 94 m deep and 5. 15 m wide). De tuin willen we renoveren. Tegels eruit, egaliseren en nieuwe tegels en kunstgras bij de patio plus wat borders en een nieuw hekwerk/schutting. De oude materialen moeten afgevoerd worden.

Stoomcabine plaatsen

I'm looking for someone that can uninstall an old stoomcabine and installing the new one. The stoomcabine has to be bought by me.

Zolderkamer isoleren

Attic Room Roof Insulation and Skydoor replacement. We need PIR Plates Insulation for our Attic Room and removal of existing plastic content from the room Skydoor has problem in opening and closing. May be repairing or installing new one. Regards, De zolder met vaste trap willen wij graag laten isolere met PIR platen. De aanwezige platen dienen te moeten verwijderd en afgevoerd. Daarnaast gaat het dakraam niet goed open en dicht. Indien mogelijk wil ik deze laten repareren of anders vervangen. De zolder is ongeveer 20 m2 groot.

Douchecabine/ vervangen

Hello! I would like to know the following: - what is the cost for removing old shower cabine? - what is the cost for installing a new shower cabine? - when is your first possibility for the above two services (in Rotterdam)? I attached a picture of the current shower cabin. The new one will look similar. Many thanks!

Keuken plaatsen

Replacing an old kitchen for a new one. I'd like to get strated as soon as possible:) The new (ikea)kitchen is 2 x 2.50 metres. Desired work: 1. Removing old kitchen/tiles (single line & Installing new L-shape kitchen set (equipment, cupboards) 2. Kitchen equipment: dishwasher, cooker, oven, combimaicrowave and extractor. 3. Installation of water and drainpipe for sink, dishwasher and electricity sockets as per new layout. 4. Electra: New circuit to the fuse box for the microwave, current light switch and lighting to be relocated. 5. Placement of titles aprox 60 cm/80 cm wide x 4 metres long. And add decorative wall paper on 1 wall PS: if possible we would like to route electra to the patio for light installation. looking forward to receive fast proposal

Tegels aanbrengen op de vloer

Hello, we are buying a new house and we want to install ceramic tiles. Now there is carpet which I will remove. There are 2 slaapkamers and 1 overloop. Total 35 m2. Tiles are 15,4 x 60 cm. House will be ours and empty during August. We are installing ceramic because of floor heating. We actually want lamine but I am trying to understand if lamine is good enough for floor heating.

Douche installeren

I need help with installing my new shower cabin. The old shower cabin is already gone, so we only need to place the new one. The shower cabin is very simple (only one glass wall). Find pictures in the document attached. I live at a walking distance from the Praxis in Utrecht. I'm available at your earliest convenience.

Renovation of the bathroom

Dear Sir/ Madam, We are planning to renovate our bathroom in January 2018. Our preferred start date is 22nd of January 2018, but it can start after 17th of January. We want it done by 26th. Flat is in Buitenveldert Oost, 1082 NM. Bathroom is around 5. 5 Meter square in floor area. Bathroom already has a bath, a wash basin and shower space. We want to do the following. Leave bath and shower as it is. 1. We want to re-tile the floor and walls up to about 1. 8/2 meters in height, removing the current tiles. We want to use tiles that are approx 35cm by 25 cm or 40 cm by 30 cm. Survey done in November did not report damp in the walls. 2. We want to install a small toilet in that bathroom, where sink currently is (big plumbing drains run on that side, and other toilet drains on that side) 3. We want current shower partition removed and a new one put in 4. We want the sink installed where washing machine was, installing washing machine in kitchen 5. We want to put in a glass bath swinging partition attatched to the wall over the free long side of bath We have sketches with relatively accurate measurements, and some pictures. We would like a quote of time and cost requirement, in particular labour cost. There are other things that we have planned to change/ renovate in the flat, including a non-weight bearing partition wall to create another bedroom. We want to do bathroom first before moving in; then look at other things after we have moved in. We want to know quotation for labour cost, and an estimate of time required and materials (I can buy all required materials before start date, if list provided). End date is hard to change due to issues with key handover and moving in dates, and leaving current rented flat. Please feel free happy to email or call. Many thanks and Best Regards

Renovation of the shower

I would like to renovate my small shower, the renovation will include: • Remove concrete floor, only so that rest of changes can be made • Remove tiles • Change location of: o Washing machine o Shower o Toilet, ideally I would like to change the location of the toilet to have a better use of space in which case a costume shower will be needed, but that really comes down to the price. • Installing a new shower • New tiles • Installing double vanity • Updating toilet. It is a very small room and I would like to make the most of the space. I would appreciate hearing from you soon.