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Double glass in windows

Ik wil graag dubbelglas laten plaatsen voor het raam. De geplaatste Duffel glas heeft geen isolatie meer. Raam is 161 bij 131.
Onze klant uit Apeldoorn (Gelderland) wenst(e) offertes van glaszetters voor glaszetten te ontvangen om te weten wat bovenstaande wensen gaan kosten!

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Opknappen van ons dakterras

I own a house with a roof terrace of 30sqm in Amsterdam and would need a little bit of help with getting a few things done. Are you also offering maintenance work? - The floor is made of wooden panels. They were cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner last year but now they are very rough with splinters, so the finish needs to be done - I have a roof house that needs to be scraped and painted. Also at the door there is part of the wood that needs to be exchanged because the wood is rotten. - Also the roof house has double glass and one of the glasses on the inside has broken, so it needs to be exchanged. - I would like to setup a Sun protection: I already bought a drape, but there need to be polls that hold the drape. - And finally we would like to get some advice on installing some flower boxes and maybe a new fence. Thanks you very much.

Double glass in windows

I would like to get a quote on some double glaze glass to replace some existing single pane glass windows in our home. Double Glazing glass to be installed in existing wooden frames. 2 x (2,450cm x 1,750cm) (Entrance hall) 2 x (2,450cm x 1,750cm) (Entrance hall) 1 x (2,860cm x 2,080cm) (Lounge) 1 x (2,000cm x 1,920cm) (Dining room)

Replace windows frontside

We would like to receive an offer for the removal & disposal of the old frames and the procurement & installation (including fitting) of new frames + glass windows. We require 3 new windows (frame + glass): Window 1 (that opens) with dimensions 1.2 m x 1.8 m. Window 2 (no opening function required) 1.9 m x 1.8 m (Window 1 and Window 2 are next to each other) Window 3 (option for split to allow opening) 1.8 m x 1.9 m Dimensions are given as per Width x Height. We would be interested to have an offer assuming plastic frames and double glazing. All windows are on the front side. The apartment is located on the 1st floor and has easy access (only 1.5 m pedestrian pavement between the building and the road). Is it possible that the costs for the materials are specified separately on the quotation?

Double glass in windows

Ik wil graag het glas van 8 a 9 ramen vervangen voor dubbelglas. De afmetingen weet ik niet.

Replacement roof access / terrashuis

Replacement of roof access/ terrashuis skylight Dimension: 2,06 m x 4,445 m Current structure is made of wood and double pan glass with a door to get access to the roof. Some leaks are starting to occur, so maybe we want the new one in a metallic structure. We would like to replace this roof access bringing a lot of light inside by something better in terms of energy efficiency. We need advise of what is possible. If that is possible I would like the new terrashuis of the same dimensions as the old one. Please dispose of the old one.

Enkelglas dakraam vervangen door dubbelglas met ventilatieoptie

Ik heb vocht onder mijn raam zitten, het gaat om een enkelglas skylight deze lekt. Deze zal moeten worden vervangen door een dubbelglas optie, misschien met een ventilatieoptie of eentje die open kan. Het gaat om afmetingen van ongeveer 70 x 50 cm. Condensation forming underneath single glass skylight and dripping down on to floor. Need some better ventilation and double glass solution (perhaps mechanical). 70 x 50

Vergroten en renoveren van een houten chalet

Sorry, but my Dutch is not so strong so I write in English. We have a 40 m2 chalet ( 4 x 10 m). It is with simple glass windows and it is not isolated. What we would like to do: - build more 60m2, so the chalet would be 100m2 after the renovation ( 10 x 10 m ) - isolate the full chalet (the total 100m2 -> also the roof and also under the chalet) - build central heating with 7 radiators ( we have a petroleum kachel which has to be taken out ) --> we will buy the radiators - make the bathroom bigger with a bath, washing machine and a dryer ( build extra 5-6m2 ) --> we already bought the bath, the washing machine and the dryer now is outside in the schuur behind the chalet ( ca. 2-3 meters from the bathroom ) - the floor of the extra "building" ( the new 60m2 ) will be carpet - dubbel glass plastic windows -> we need 8 windows with mosquito nets and shutter (5 double windows with size 154 x 104 cm and 2 simple windows with size 90 X 90 cm) - dubbel glass plastic sliding door (size: 205 x 223 cm) - electricity in the full chalet with power outlets ( ca. new 12 power outlets ) - spot lamps in the living room and in the bathroom ( bathroom 9 m2 with 9 spot lamps, living room is 35 m2 with 22 spots) If it is possible we would like to get an offer for each item because we would like to know how much every item in the list costs. The renovation can be start from 1st October. We would like to finish the renovation before the winter (because the chalet is not isolated.. it is really cold). Thank you very much!

Installing new double glass plastic windows for attic

I need to install new double glass plastic windows in my house attic. De maten van de ramen zijn 265 x 80 cm. Graag een offerte.

Change single glass to double glass windows

I would like to get a quote for changing a single glass to double glass windows. Ik wil dit huis gaan kopen en ik wil graag de kosten weten. Het gaat om 6 ramen. The approximate size of windows are as follow. Window 1.8 m x 3 m ( 4 Numbers) Door glass 0.8 m X 1.2 m (1 Number) Can you please share quote?

Change single glass to double glass windows

I need a HR++ double glaze window, two windows. Window one:- 3.15*1.75(without frame), 3.24*1.86(with frame). Window two:- 1.87*1.75(without frame), 1.95*186(with frame). All dimensions are in meters. I want quotation including the labour and cost of the glass and cost of the frame also if needed.