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Bathroom ceiling

I need to replace the plastic panels in my bathroom with drywall. The bathroom ceiling is approx. 6 square meters. I would need the drywalll and the installation, if someone could give me a quote for what it costs together, that would be very helpful. In addition to this, i also need the ventilation system in my bathrooms hooked up to electricity so that they actually ventilate. If there is somebody else that could do this (or maybe the same person?) I would be very grateful. There are only 2 ventilation systems that need to be connected.

Badkamer renovatie

Please find attached the following: - The floor plan from Funda (it is 140x204cm) - Our preferred layout - Here is also a link to a video of the current bathroom: https://we.tl/t-lEpBSpl6Zy Basically, we would like to: - Take out the false ceiling so that there is more room (vertically). Right now the ceiling is too low. - Take out the bathtub and move the toilet seat next to the window. - Add a small heater on top of the toilet seat. - Have the sink next to the toilet seat. - Have a shower on the left side with a sliding door. - Of course, re-do the flooring and tiles with all the piping and connections needed. Let me know if you have any questions.

Badkamers verbouwen

I want to renovate my bathroom. New materials are already bought for the main bathroom and the small bathroom downstairs. Existing tiles in the bathroom need to be removed. The big bathroom is 3 bij 2 meters and the small one is 0,5 bij 1,2 meters. I want tiles up to the ceiling. The roof will be a false roof with lights in it.

Bathroom renovation

I want my bathroom to be renovated. It's gonna be a bathroom of 3,5 m2. I want tiles placed up until the ceiling. In addition I want to have a shower in it instead of a bath, a toilet and a sink.

Badkamer verbouwen

I want to change my bathroom completely. I added a blueprint with the sizes written down. - new tiles on floor (tegel op tegel) - old wall tiles off, put on new tiles on wall (around bathtub on walls tiles to the ceiling) - old bathtub out, put in new bathtub - change of toilet to inbuilt toilet - install new sink (please indicate how much time the renovation will take, there is only 1 bathroom in the house)

Badkamer opnieuw bouwen

Building year of the house is around 1930. The main floor below the tiles in the bathroom is wood, “houten constructievloer”. Expand the bathroom: The bathroom is currently 1. 3 x 2 meter. We want to make it longer: 1. 3 x 2. 7 meter. In addition to moving some walls the extension also includes moving the bathroom door. Keep the old door and door frame, or replace with similar. Bathroom size after extension is approximately 3. 5 m2, 8 m3. Remove: old toilet seat, old sink, old shower cabin, old tiles from walls and floor, fake ceiling, wall radiator. Fix: wooden floor under one of the bathrooms walls is rotten. The rotten wood can bee seen from a room which shares a wall with the bathroom, it is not clear how big is the damage. The rotten wood should be changed. Install: -new toilet seat, we buy it ourselves, new sink with a cabinet under it,we buy it ourselves -new shower cabin, we buy it ourselves -new tiles on the floor, around 3. 5 m2, we buy tiles ourselves -new tiles on the wall where is the shower, around 3 m2, we buy tiles ourselves -floor heating in the bathroom, have no idea which type, in the rest of the house we are planing “droog systeem op noppenplaten” -two electric sockets -extra waste water drainage pipe for washing machine

Renovation of the bathroom

Recently purchased a new apartment and want to completely renovate the bathroom, including: -Remove a 1.8 meter wall -Build 2. 5 meter wall -Install new shower in a different location from existing shower -Install new bathtub -Install new counter with 2 sinks -Extend existing wall tiles. Replace all floor tiles. Move toilet -Move water heater -Move expansion kettle -Remove 2 radiators -Install ventilation to outside -Install in-floor heating with switch -Install lights above mirror -Install ceiling lights The existing bathroom is about 5 m2, and the finished bathroom will be approx 10 m2 by building a new wall into the master bedroom. The floor tiles must be all replaced. The existing wall tiles may remain, but will need to be extended to cover the new wall. Note that the bathroom is below ground, so all wastewater must be pumped out. The existing pump is working and does not need to be replaced.

Garage tot badkamer verbouwen

I want to transform a garage into a bedroom plus shower/laundry room. Work: - build wall to create shower room, with partly tiles in inside. Install glass door. - bring electricity and water to shower and washing machine. - install shower + toilet set - remove garage door and replace with big window - plaster/paint everything including ceiling - cover boiler with cupboard, cover pipellines in walls - build roof window, with opening to the terrace above The bathroom is 4 m2 and the bedroom 20 m2.

Repairing leaking drain in bathroom

The drain in the shower appears to be leaking. There is a damp stain on a wall outside the bathroom and water was leaking through the ceiling below. The cause of the leakage needs to be found and fixed. English speaker preferred.

ENGELS SPREKENDE KLANT: Bathroom to be ...

ENGELS SPREKENDE KLANT: Bathroom to be completely gutted. Walls and floor to be tiles. Ceiling plastered with inbuilt spotlights. New sink, bath, toilet, units, radiator. Shower in the bath.