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Eerder aangevraagde offertes bij badkamerspecialisten voor bathroom renovation:

Bathroom renovation

The bathroom (the larger one) will be completely renovated. All old tiles and sanitary items will be removed. The following will be installed: toilet, integrated flush system, shower, tap, sink and tiles probably only at the area of the bathroom. There is a radiator which will be replaced by a new one. From the small toilet, the toilet needs to be removed.
Onze klant uit Amsterdam (Noord-Holland) wenst(e) offertes van badkamerspecialisten voor badkamer en toilet te ontvangen om te weten wat bovenstaande wensen gaan kosten!

Soortgelijke offerte aanvragen voor bathroom renovation uit heel Nederland:

Bathroom renovation

Ik zoek een badkamerspecialist die mijn badkamer kan renoveren. Het gaat om het vervangen van de douche (inloop), toilet, wastafel en tegels. De badkamer is 200 bij 135 cm groot. De badkamer bevindt zich op de 3e verdieping.

Building extension and renovation

I would like to know the offer for an extension of the house of 5.5m x 1.5m - ideally glass but can be other materials. De serre moet compleet opgeleverd worden. Er hoeft geen elektra in en geen fundering. Also the bathroom renovation 2.54m x 1.99m.: Ik wil een nieuwe douchecabine in de badkamer plaatsen en het moet opnieuw betegeld worden. De tegels voor de badkamer en de meubels regel ik zelf. Dank u.

Remove old bathroom and put a new one

Completely new bathroom. Location of connections does not move. Advice on partial renovation will be helpful. De badkamer is 6 m2, op de eerste verdieping. Er moet ook betegeld worden. De materialen koop ik zelf. Alvast bedankt.

Bathroom renovation

I would like to completely renovate the bathroom of my apartment. The room is 1.40 x 2.5 meter. The bathroom is on the 3th floor of the building. More information I rather discuss with the professional.

Column load restoration in badkamer

2 years ago I had a complete renovation on the bathroom of apartment located on ground floor. During this renovation a brick column was deleted in order to moved the doorframe 20-30cm. We discovered that this brick column holding the door frame of the bathroom was located on top of a foundation pile (fundering). We would very much appreciate if you could provide best advice on how to repair this (would a beam installation be possible or to restore the brick column as it was? other potential alternative and of course the impact on the current layout of the bathroom. I would suggest is best if you come in person to assess situation: specially in case we would need to place a stempel in the mean time. Looking forward to hear your thoughts. In de badkamer is door de vorige bewoners een muur verwijderd. Graag willen wij weten of dit zo kan blijven, er een steunbalk geplaatst moet worden of dat er een muur terug geplaatst dient te worden.

Complete renovation of the bathroom

We plan to renovate a bathroom of 1.77 x 2. 17 meters. At the moment, it has a wash basin, a walk-in shower and a bathtub with floor and wall tiles. We would like to demolish everything and place new floor and wall tiles, a new wash basin and a new walk-in shower.

Renovation of the house

1) Full bathroom upgrade - tub, shower, toilet, washbasin, tiles, lighting. The bathroom is 5 m2. 1 wall is missing, need to build it so the bathroom becomes 50 cm larger. 2) smooth walls and repaint. 140 square meter 3) Lay floor laminates + under floor. Electric floor heating only for 1 room. 4) Ground floor toilet re-tiling. 5) repaint stairs - 32 steps 6) replace all radiators in the house 7) replace kitchen ventilation and stove.

Apartment renovation

I am writing to request a quote from you for a renovation in this apartment starting in the beginning of May. These are the works that I would like to have done in the apartment and the attic. I send you a picture attached so that you can see how I would like to change the layout of the apartment. APARTMENT: 1. New wooden floor everywhere (except bathroom) 2. Painting of all walls, ceiling, doors, wooden frames around windows (behind the kitchen I would like waterproof washable paint). White colour almost everywhere, except for a few smaller walls, where one other colour would be used. 2.b: Also: rozette and molding above the living and bedroom areas (currently kitchen and living areas) 3. Kitchen - I would choose everything from IKEA, and I need it to be delivered and put together. 4. Radiator removed from the wall where the kitchen will be, and put on the opposite side, between the front door and bathroom door 5. Water pipe put on the place of the new kitchen (it is easy to do from the bathroom I think) 6. Stuffing wholes one the corners of the current kitchen area - soon to be living area AND covering those things with cupboards 7. Total redo of bathroom: tiles on the floor and on some parts of the walls, new toilet, new sink, shower, taps. 8. Loft style sliding door between bedroom and home office (according to new layout) 9. Building a little piece of wall (70-80 cm wide) and putting a big 2-3 wing loft style door (around 160 cm wide) between the bedroom and kitchen (according to new layout) ATTIC: 1. painting (also removing old plaster layer first) - white everywhere 2. laminated floor + base layer under it 3. one electric heater, old broken radiator removed 4. mini kitchen totally redone - IKEA too 5. bathroom total redo: tiles on the floor and on some parts of the walls, new toilet, new sink, shower, taps, door 6. potentially replacing the neighbour's door to a nicer one - if they agree

Small scale renovation

We are looking for renovation work for a house for which the delivery is on 16th November. We want to do below things. 1. Renovation of bathroom and toilet 2. Renovation of Kitchen 3. New dormer window and flooring on attic 4. New CV kettle installation.

Bathroom renovation

Hi, we will be moving to our new home soon (14 dec) and we are looking for someone who will renovate our bathroom (3,5 x 3 metres). We want to fix all the bathroom furniture like the washbasin, toilet, bath etcetera. Tiling is not needed. It would be great if you can help us with adetailed quote.