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Bathroom renovation

I wanted to renovate my bathroom. What I want to do is remove the existing tub, wash basin and tiles. I want to have a shower area in the extreme corner of the bathroom and a new wash basin where the existing one is present at the moment. I also want new floor tiles and wall tiles. There is a radiator at the end of the room which might have to be moved as well. Along with this I would like to make a connection for the washing machine in the small cupboard next to the bathroom.
Onze klant uit Amsterdam (Noord-Holland) wenst(e) offertes van badkamerspecialisten voor badkamer en toilet te ontvangen om te weten wat bovenstaande wensen gaan kosten!

Soortgelijke offerte aanvragen voor bathroom renovation uit heel Nederland:

House- and gardenrenovation

Hi, I am planning to get the following work done in my house: Ground floor/ garden: - Install a new Veranda (6 x 3 metres) cement walls on the side and half open in front. - Replace current 2 small garden houses for one big new wooden gardenhouse (2 x 4 metres) with a front of 2 x 2 metres opening. - Redo the terras floor. Take out bricks and replace with stone tiles (6 x 6 metres). 1st floor : - Toilet renovation replace current commode with for one, new wash basin. (2 x 2 metres). - Create a new wall between two rooms ( 3 x 2 metres). 2nd Floor: - Extension of the attic (Dakkapel 3 x 2 metres). - Set up of a new bathroom. Tiling is fine, only replacing sanitairy equipment (3 x 2 metres). Kindly let me know a good time when your representative can visit my place, see and provide an estimation. Kind regards.

Full house renovation

We just bought a house and it needs a lot of renovations 1- full renovation of the two bathroom ( 2- plastering and painting bedrooms and living room 3- remove old kitchen and prepare it for a new kitchen 4- adding some electricity sockets 5- equality for old floor tiles to add on top either laminate or new tiles( based on cost) 6- removing one wall to connect the garage to living room (based on cost) 7- add isolation and plaster the 3 floor (attic) Ik wil graag dat iemand langskomt en alles opmeet. Dat maakt het wat handiger. Ik heb wel een plattegrond.

Small scale renovation

There, I am looking for a team to do the renovation of my house in Eerst Jan Steenstraat. The changes that I have in my house are quite a lot. 1. Replace the wood of the balcony. Replace the railings of the balcony with steel. Add a canopy on it. 2. The radiators have a wood covering on them. They need to be removed. The radiators need to be changed themselves. 3. An extra room to be created as a walk in closet. 4 shelves to be added in it. Lighting to be added in it as well. 4. Two new skylights to be made. 1 or 1x1. 5m sq. Another or 1 X 1 m sq. 5. The tiles in the bathroom need to be replaced. 6. Shower bottom needs to be added. 7. Painting the house. 8. New locks 9. 3 new light points It would be great if you can help me give me your quotation for this entire effort. I can send you the pics if you need them. I would like to get this project started as soon as possible.

Renovation of the bathroom

I want to renovate a bathroom and a toilet. The dimensions are 240 x 210 x 250 cm and 120 x 100 x 245 cm. Right now there's only a bathtub which we want to replace with a shower. We also want an extended sink and replace the toilet. In the toilet we want to replace the toilet as well as the sink.

Bathroom renovation

We want to renovate our bathroom with a cheap budget. The bathroom is 1,15 by 2,20 meters. In the bathroom we need: douche, plaatsen nieuw inbouw-toilet en wastafel, sliding doors for the douche, bathroom meubel, vervangen van de radiator, removing the current tiles. Wanden (16,87 m2) en floor (2,53 m2) betelegen met tegels. Materialen hebben we in ons bezit, behalve stucwerk en spul om muurtjes te maken; arbeidkosten graag offreren.

Partly renovation of the bathroom

We have defective showers (two shower panels) which need to be changed. We were thinking also to renovate part of the bathroom, but we need some expert advice on how to do so. We also have some small leakingproblems. The bathroom is 2 by 3 meters.

Bathroom renovation

1. Fix new L shape shower. Before placing remove the existing glass bricks please. 2. Install new shower system 3. Move the toilet from existing position to corner (water supply is already there in new location) 4. Install new small radiator in bathroom

House renovation

Hi, I am sorry, but I don't speak Dutch. I hope English is ok. I have started the paperwork to buy a house in Almere, and there are some changes I want to make (replace bathrooms, paint the whole house inside, remove 2 heaters, replace stones in the back and front). Is it possible to get an offer? Details for bathroom: - Measurement: 2.13 x 2.13 metres - Replace the shower in the bathroom for a bath tub - Replace the tiles - Replace the toilet (boven en beneden etage afm eting: 1 x 1.2 metres) - Move the washing machine plumbing from the bathroom somewhere else on the same floor (I was thinking to have a small room for it) - The heater is in the way of the bath tub, so it has to be replaced with a wall heater and moved from it's current position Painting the inside walls, ceiling (2.60 high), and doors (covered with a plastified coating). One wall, now still with wallpaper needs to be plastered. Ground floor: - iving 3.5 x 4.8 metres - kitchen 3.4 x 2.70 metres First floor: - room 2.40 x 3.30 m - room 3.50 x 2.20 m - room 2.50 x 4.60 m If needed I can provide plans with the floors (current state and desired state)

Bathroom- and toiletrenovation

I need a quotation for renovating both toilet (90 cm x 135 cm) + bathroom (200 cm x 340 cm). Toilet will be renovated as following: changing floor and wall tiles + replace sink + replace toilet. Bathroom renovation need to be as following: replace wall and floor tiles, replace the shower cabin + replace sink + adding a bathtub.

Complete bathroom renovation

Ik wil hulp bij de renovatie van mijn badkamer: betegelen vloer en deel muur (circa 6 m2), plaatsen nieuw inbouw-toilet en wastafel, maken van scheidingsmuurtje tussen wastafel en bad, plankjes, en vervangen van de radiator. Materialen hebben we in ons bezit, behalve stucwerk en spul om muurtjes te maken. De klus moet af zijn vóór eind februari.


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