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Eerder aangevraagde offertes bij badkamerspecialisten voor renovation of a bathroom and a toilet:

Renovation of a bathroom and a toilet

Ik wil de badkamer verbouwen. De huidige tegels moeten eruit gehaald worden. De afmeting van de badkamer is 2,00 m bij 2,72 m. In de badkamer blijft: de douche, toilet en wastafel en er moet een nieuwe badkuip en bad meubilair komen. Dan ook de wanden en vloer betegelen met nieuwe 30 bij 60 cm tegels. De materiaal- en arbeidskosten graag apart offreren. Ook de afvoerkosten apart vermelden.
Onze klant uit Veldhoven (Noord-Brabant) wenst(e) offertes van badkamerspecialisten voor badkamer en toilet te ontvangen om te weten wat bovenstaande wensen gaan kosten!

Soortgelijke offerte aanvragen voor renovation of a bathroom and a toilet uit heel Nederland:

Bathroom renovation

I would like a complete renovation of my bathroom (5 m2) on the first floor. All new tiles. In the new bathroom i want a Whirlpool-bathtub/shower in-one. Also a toilet and a washing table.

Renovation of a bathroom and a toilet

1. Demolition of the partition wall. 2. Placing bath tub on the window side wall including tiling and faucet. 3. Placing walking shower same side/place as it is now. (same rain shower set can be used) 4. No change to toilet/washbasin, thermostat and cabinet. 5. Replacing the tiles broken in remodeling. Note: Please include all material and labour cost to make a use ready bathroom.

Badkamer en toilet renovation

We are looking for a profesional who can renovate our bathroom and toilet. It is combined around 10 to 15 m2. We are willing to do some of the work ourselves, such as tiling and installation. However, more technical things like the plumbing (involving the pipes) we are less experienced with and would like experts such as you involved. Please can you send us a quote/estimation of the costs involved in such a project? I have included some photos to show you the general idea of the type of bathroom and toilet we are looking for.

Bathroom renovation

I want to remodel the bathroom of size 1.25 by 2.18, new toilet needs to be fixed, request you to provide quotation for the same . I want new tiles, toilet and sink. Old materials can be removed and taken away.

Renovation bathroom and toilets

We would like to renovate the bathroom (4,2 m2) and toilet (1,21 m2) in our apartment. What we need to renovate bathroom: new floor (tegels) and walls (tegels), small wall and new cabine for the bathroom and setting up lavoratory. Toilet: floor and wall (tegels) and new toilet. We will have the appartment in end of May and will renovate before living inside. possibility for the people who renovate to work by themself (regarding the COVID situation). Happy to discuss

Corner House Extension/ Renovation: bathroom, floor heating, paint and plaster

1. Extension for a corner house to Back and Side (3 m Depth each x 6 m Length) I just finished the drawings with my architect, I have the key of the house and I want to start as soon as possible. In my drawings and plan I have 2 phases: 1st: Extansion of the back and the side of the house. I checkt it with the architect and I dont'need a permit for this phase. But I have also a plan for the 2nd phase,: that's a extension for the 1st floor, this needs to be done with a permit. I can run for a pre-permit. If I can do phase 1 and 2 together (depends on the price) I will do both at once. A foundation is needed, but i don't really know what kind of foundation. I want to use bricks for the expansion. I seek for someone who can do also floorheating, and also a bathroom. Tiles floor must be done together with the dimension. Becasue of the extansion I will move the kitchen from the front to the extansion. So I think I want a complete delivery. 2. Floor heating on ground floor + Floor installation I want the most commone one of floor heating, so the floor heating must put into the concrete together with the watertube. Mainly I want floor heating on the ground floor, so after the extension it will about 80 / 85 m2. Maybe I want it to on the first floor. 3. Renovation of Bathroom + Toilet on the first floor I want to install a shower and hot tub and washing machine and toilet. Floor and wall tiles. Maybe I will buy all the materials myself, I only need the laber cost to install everything. I want to have the bathroom emptied by the professional. The bathroom is around 5.7 m2. Besides I want the small toilet on the groudnfloor to be renovated. I want a new toilet and sink, also newe tiles. It's about 1.1 m2, it is areally typical toilet. 4. New plaster and paint of the house. It's about (before extension) 109 m2. it includes the ground-, first- and second floor. I want to start begin or middle of april.

Renovation of a bathroom and a toilet

We want to make new bathroom with one toilet change the shower, tiles, basins, lightnings and downstairs I have one toilet there I wan to put small basin to wash hands change tiles too in the toilet. This about 1 m2 .

Bathroom and bedroom renovation

We are interested in converting our 4th floor bedroom of our apartment (near the Westerpark) into two bedrooms (floor plan attached): one smaller baby room and one double master room. We are keen to ensure we don’t lower the value of the property and to make sure the master bedroom still stays a good size bedroom (especially wide enough for a bed to fit so the head is to the right of the floor plan, and the feet to the left). We have some ideas of how this could look but would also like some advice as to what the possibilities are. There is currently also an ensuite bathroom. It doesn’t have a door but an opening in the wall off of the bedroom. One option would be to close off the opening and place a door so that the bathroom can be accessed without going through the bedroom(s). This would require moving the toilet so that the door could go where the toilet is currently. If possible we would also like to move the wall between the bedroom and bathroom, so that the bathroom is narrower and the bedroom is wider. We understand we can only probably move this a small amount but we think this would be good to the bedroom more width (even if only a small amount extra). We would also like to install a bath, which might fit in the space under the bathroom window. We are also open to completely changing the bathroom if this means we can get more space. We want to create a built-in wardrobe in the master bedroom and make as much use of the space for storage etc. as we can. Is this something you can help us with? We’d be interested to hear your thoughts and ideas, as well as an indication of what sort of price range you think this sort of project might cost. If your initial thoughts or quote is not free of charge, please let us know before providing either.

Complete bathroom renovation

We just bought a 1960s apartment and we plan to completely renovate the bathroom and toilet as soon as possible. Neither the bathroom nor the toilet room were ever renovated. The job includes: tiling (floor and 2 walls, approx 18m2 in total), repositioning plumbing (for cold and hot water, and for radiator), installing a radiator, closing off one of the 2 doors and replacing it with a plasterboard wall, changing the old toilet for a new toilet, changing the shower and sink taps, reposition light fixtures, construction of a small plasterboard wall to divide the shower from the rest of the bathroom The bathroom is very small: roughly 100 x 280 x 250 cm.

Bathroom renovation

I would like to renovate the bathroom in an appartement I purchased. Ideally some time in the second half of October. I'd like to remove the current tiles, have a walk-in shower, move the pipes behind the wall, and exchange the radiator. If there is still budget also exchange the sink and furniture. It's a small bathroom (an image of the layout of the apartment is enclosed).