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Bathroom ceiling

I need to replace the plastic panels in my bathroom with drywall. The bathroom ceiling is approx. 6 square meters. I would need the drywalll and the installation, if someone could give me a quote for what it costs together, that would be very helpful. In addition to this, i also need the ventilation system in my bathrooms hooked up to electricity so that they actually ventilate. If there is somebody else that could do this (or maybe the same person?) I would be very grateful. There are only 2 ventilation systems that need to be connected.
Onze klant uit Eindhoven (Noord-Brabant) wenst(e) offertes van badkamerspecialisten voor badkamer en toilet te ontvangen om te weten wat bovenstaande wensen gaan kosten!

Soortgelijke offerte aanvragen voor bathroom ceiling uit heel Nederland:

Living room extension, toilet and bathroom renovation

The extension will be 2.5 * 5.1 meters including floor, stucco walls and the heating system. We want to reuse the existing door. Apart from the extension we would like to renovate our bathroom and toilet. The bathroom is 2.4 * 2.1 and we want to completely redesign it. These are our wishes: - change the tiles on floor and walls - lower the ceiling with a recessed spotlight - install a new wash basin - install a new toilet - renovating the separate toilet (same changes) We would like to receive separate quotes for the living room extension and the other renovations.

Badkamer renovatie

Please find attached the following: - The floor plan from Funda (it is 140x204cm) - Our preferred layout - Here is also a link to a video of the current bathroom: https://we.tl/t-lEpBSpl6Zy Basically, we would like to: - Take out the false ceiling so that there is more room (vertically). Right now the ceiling is too low. - Take out the bathtub and move the toilet seat next to the window. - Add a small heater on top of the toilet seat. - Have the sink next to the toilet seat. - Have a shower on the left side with a sliding door. - Of course, re-do the flooring and tiles with all the piping and connections needed. Let me know if you have any questions.

Apartment renovation

I am writing to request a quote from you for a renovation in this apartment starting in the beginning of May. These are the works that I would like to have done in the apartment and the attic. I send you a picture attached so that you can see how I would like to change the layout of the apartment. APARTMENT: 1. New wooden floor everywhere (except bathroom) 2. Painting of all walls, ceiling, doors, wooden frames around windows (behind the kitchen I would like waterproof washable paint). White colour almost everywhere, except for a few smaller walls, where one other colour would be used. 2.b: Also: rozette and molding above the living and bedroom areas (currently kitchen and living areas) 3. Kitchen - I would choose everything from IKEA, and I need it to be delivered and put together. 4. Radiator removed from the wall where the kitchen will be, and put on the opposite side, between the front door and bathroom door 5. Water pipe put on the place of the new kitchen (it is easy to do from the bathroom I think) 6. Stuffing wholes one the corners of the current kitchen area - soon to be living area AND covering those things with cupboards 7. Total redo of bathroom: tiles on the floor and on some parts of the walls, new toilet, new sink, shower, taps. 8. Loft style sliding door between bedroom and home office (according to new layout) 9. Building a little piece of wall (70-80 cm wide) and putting a big 2-3 wing loft style door (around 160 cm wide) between the bedroom and kitchen (according to new layout) ATTIC: 1. painting (also removing old plaster layer first) - white everywhere 2. laminated floor + base layer under it 3. one electric heater, old broken radiator removed 4. mini kitchen totally redone - IKEA too 5. bathroom total redo: tiles on the floor and on some parts of the walls, new toilet, new sink, shower, taps, door 6. potentially replacing the neighbour's door to a nicer one - if they agree

Bathroom Remodel & Kitchen Tile Installation

We would like to remodel our bathroom by replacing the flooring, adding a glass shower, replacing the toilet and sink. Additionally we would like to add tile to our kitchen back splash and potentially remove a small wall (1 meter) in the living room. I also would like to place trim on the ceiling on top and on the bottom. I also would like to remove a wall between the kitchen and living room. The wall is 3 meters high.

Badkamers verbouwen

I want to renovate my bathroom. New materials are already bought for the main bathroom and the small bathroom downstairs. Existing tiles in the bathroom need to be removed. The big bathroom is 3 bij 2 meters and the small one is 0,5 bij 1,2 meters. I want tiles up to the ceiling. The roof will be a false roof with lights in it.

Bathroom renovation

I want my bathroom to be renovated. It's gonna be a bathroom of 3,5 m2. I want tiles placed up until the ceiling. In addition I want to have a shower in it instead of a bath, a toilet and a sink.

Various jobs need to be done

Jobs: - Remove old blinds x 2 - Fix up new blinds x 2 - Attach large shoe cupboard to wall - Attach mirror to bathroom - Attach towel holder in bathroom - Fill in drill holes from previous blinds in ceiling with filler date: In overleg.

House renovation

Hi, I am sorry, but I don't speak Dutch. I hope English is ok. I have started the paperwork to buy a house in Almere, and there are some changes I want to make (replace bathrooms, paint the whole house inside, remove 2 heaters, replace stones in the back and front). Is it possible to get an offer? Details for bathroom: - Measurement: 2.13 x 2.13 metres - Replace the shower in the bathroom for a bath tub - Replace the tiles - Replace the toilet (boven en beneden etage afm eting: 1 x 1.2 metres) - Move the washing machine plumbing from the bathroom somewhere else on the same floor (I was thinking to have a small room for it) - The heater is in the way of the bath tub, so it has to be replaced with a wall heater and moved from it's current position Painting the inside walls, ceiling (2.60 high), and doors (covered with a plastified coating). One wall, now still with wallpaper needs to be plastered. Ground floor: - iving 3.5 x 4.8 metres - kitchen 3.4 x 2.70 metres First floor: - room 2.40 x 3.30 m - room 3.50 x 2.20 m - room 2.50 x 4.60 m If needed I can provide plans with the floors (current state and desired state)

Electrical work

We need electrical work done on one floor in our home. - Room 1: 4 electrical sockets (with 2 points in each) to be fitted. Wiring in the walls. - Room 2: Light bulb to be shifted. Wiring in the ceiling. - Bathroom: Create an extension for another electrical point. Wiring on the outside. So milling needs to done, and if possible afterwords restore with plastering and painting. if not, than an electricien for now will do.

Klussen in huis

We kindly request an offer for the following services:) Mount 1 shower curtain rail to the tiled wall in the bathroom. 2) Mount 1 holding of a TV to the wall. 3) Mount 3 curtain rails to the wall. 4) Mount 1 wooden plank to the wall. 5) Mount 1 picture rail to the wall. 6) If possible, drill a hook into the balcony ceiling to a hang basket for sitting. 7) If possible, install 1 pull-up bar in one of the locations marked in red in the attached plan.